Towns and villages

Year One have been learning about towns and villages. The children have been learning about their features. They identified and discussed the similarities and differences of towns and villages. They talked about towns having lots of homes, schools, shops, parks, leisure facilities and traffic compared to a village which has a lot less houses, shops and people.

The children were given a task to build a model town including buildings, schools, cinemas, food, a park, shops and many other things. The children set to work and applied the design and technology skills they have learnt throughout the year to construct their own buildings.

Look at their fantastic model town. Brilliant team work, wouldn’t you agree?

Making cars

Year One took part in a Design and Technology day, the children were learning about wheels and axles. Children explored different toys cars, compared how they were made and found out how the cars travelled differently. They used construct toys to practise the skills of making wheels and axles. They discovered they needed washers to make sure the wheels did not move about on the axle!

Later on in the day the children design and made their own toy cars that needed to carry fred the frog down the ramp. The children applied what that they had learnt in the morning to make their own cars, they used cardboard boxes, dowls, wooden wheels and bluetac. Year One did a brilliant job and most of their cars were able to carry out their job. Great work Year One!

Science day

Year One took part in a Science day, we explored different types of plants and trees. The children recognised the differences between decidious and evergreen trees. They went on a ‘tree identification’ hunt and identified different kinds of trees by looking closely at the leaves. The children enjoyed looking at flowers and labelling their different parts. They also planted their own sunflowers seeds and discussed what the plant would need to enable it to grow. It was a great day and lots of fun was had by all!

Spring Term in Year 1

It has been great to have all the children back in the classroom after lockdown. Since returning to school, the children have really impressed the teachers with their resilience and hard work.

We had lots of fun raising money for Comic Relief. The theme this year was to ‘Raise a Smile’.

Year One enjoyed celebrating World Book Day with all of their friends at school. The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters.

A special visitor

Last week a surprise visitor arrived in our classroom……

Year One had a challenge to find out as much as they could about penguins so that we know what the penguin likes to eat, how he likes to live, what he likes to do and where he is from. Year One have risen to the challenge to create some fantastic and informative fact files about penguins.

Year 1’s Christmas performance

First of all, the children have worked so hard this term and the Year One team feel very proud of their progress and hard work. The resilience and determination they have displayed throughout the Autumn term has been amazing.

They have worked so hard on their songs and dances for the performance so we hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful Christmas break and we will see you in the new term, ready for lots more fun and learning!

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Year One had a lovely time in the woods this week. They were very busy, some children made ‘campfires’ and others made ‘leaf soup’ and ‘mud potions’ in the woodlands kitchen. They explored the woodlands for signs of Autumn and we discussed how they thought the woods would look different in each season.

Music makers

Year One have been exploring rap music, we used their bodies to keep up with the pulse of the music. They clapped in time with the pulse, marched along with the pulse and danced along to the pulse. Then we used the xylophones. We talked about the features of the musical instrument, including keys, notes and pitch. Then we used the xylophones to play along with the pulse. They tried hard and enjoyed using the instruments.

Harvest Festival

Thank you for your generous food donations towards the Harvest Festival.

Year One have enjoyed practicing ‘Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring’ and ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ for the Harvest Festival this year. We hope you enjoy watching the children sing the songs beautifully in our Harvest performance video, they did a brilliant job!

Who’s been causing mischief in Year One?

Year One arrived on Friday morning to discover that a mystery person has visited our classroom and caused lots of mess! The children became detectives for the day and had to write a list of clues that would lead them to the suspect. What clues can you see in the picture?

The children found ‘blonde hair’, ‘red ribbon’, ‘porridge’, a broken chair’ and ‘footsteps’. Who could it be?